The Force Awakens Food

The Force Awakens Food

I am so excited about the new Star Wars movie, “The Force Awakens”. I went to see it twice and the second time I tried to really pay attention for food and craft inspirations. One thing that stood out was the food Rey was eating at Maz Kanata’s bar.  I couldn’t find any pictures of it so I needed to take a picture of it when I was watching it on TV. IMG_0135

To me it looks like Honeydew melon and blackberries in an apple. It also looked like it had raspberries in another scene.


I cut an apple in half and then sliced the bottom of the half with the core bottom so it would come off. The one Rey is eating still had the stem, but the stem came out of my apples when I cut the core out of the center. I cut the melon in a zig zag pattern. I think in the movie they made the detail a little smaller, but in other scenes it looked more like a mash. After I added the berries I drizzled some ginger simple syrup on them.


Ginger Syrup

1 cup water

1 cup sugar

2 tsp powdered ginger

Stir and boil ingredients on low heat until all the sugar is dissolved. Allow to cool completely before using.


BB-8 Sundae

I love BB-8. I was looking at ice cream the other day and thought it looked a little bit like the rolly polly robot. So I decided to use the force to make a BB-8 Sundae.




Here is everything you will need. I used lemon sorbet because it is whiter than most vanilla ice cream and I thought it would go well with the orange slices. Crispy M&Ms never left Australia and have recently been reintroduced in America. I was so excited to see them in Australia so I like to use them for things. Pocky sticks can be found in Asian grocery stores and a lot of general grocery stores in Australia. You can also buy them on Amazon if you live in America.



Separate out the dark brown M&Ms from their bags. You only need one of each for the Sundae. Cut the orange into slices. Use the segments as a guide to cut every other one out of one slice. Cut all of the orange flesh out of the little slice for BB-8’s head. I used a chop stick to make the holes to insert the Pocky sticks into the sorbet. The Pocky sticks will hold the two scoops of sorbet together. Then just add the M&Ms.


And now your BB-8 is ready to eat!

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