The Little Prince Party

The Little Prince Party


A new animated version of The Little Prince has been made! In honor of the movie, I have some party ideas. This movie is interesting because it tells the story of the book inside of a framing story about a little girl who is completely focused on academic achievement. At the end, the little girl works through some of her own problems through a continuation of the story from the book.







The little girl is encouraged to read about the Little Prince by her eccentric neighbor in some really cool ways. One way is by hiding little figures from the story in a jar of pennies. Australia got rid of it’s one cent coins, so I needed to use sliver coins and some play money to make my jar.




Snow globes make an appearance in this movie, as well as stars in glass jars. Here is how you can make your own star globes.


I tried doing this several ways -the order you add the components matter for this to work properly.

1.Add 15 ml (1 tablespoon) of glycerine and about 100 ml of water in a glass jar. If your jar is larger, just scale up the water and glycerine. Put the lid on the jar and shake it up.

2.Once you see the very tiny bubbles rise to the top, then you can add some glitter. The glitter will sit on top of the water. Break up the little clumps and stir it around with your finger. The glitter should fall to the bottom slowly.

3. Add the star pony beads. An air bubble may form in the hole of the bead. You can push it around until it pops if you want, and it will fall to the bottom. Screw the lid on and you’re done.

The cool thing about this is that an air bubble will stay/form in some beads when you flip the jar around so some will be floating up and some will be floating down.


Rose Cupcakes

These are very simple to make, just use Wilton tip #2D and start in the center of the cupcake and swirl the frosting outward. This is a large tip so you can frost a lot of cupcakes quickly.



Asteroid cupcakes.

I stirred some crushed Oreos into white frosting to make it this grey color. After I frosted the cupcakes, I used Wilton tip #12 to make 3 dots in random places on the cupcakes and then added a mini M&M to the center and pushed it down to make the asteroid crater. I got the Little Prince figure in France many years ago, but now that the movie is out they are selling similar toys on Amazon.

For more Little Prince party ideas take a look at my Pinterest board.

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