Wreck-it-Ralph/Sugar Rush Party

Wreck-it-Ralph/Sugar Rush Party

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This is cool movie because you can easily theme it with pinks and candy or old-style video games. I used both because I thought both were really fun and there are lots of cool ideas to be inspired by for both types of parties.  I made Wreck-It Ralph in Sugar Rush for the cake. At the time I couldn’t find any Vanellope toys, but I did find erasers at the Disney store. You could also use the plastic rings with the characters on them for the cake. Now there are Funko Pop versions of Vanellope and Ralph that you could use for decorations. The smaller cone shaped candies and those around the edge of the cake are Japanese candies. If you are in Australia you can get the Hershey kisses at Costco. They are available everywhere in the US, but they are not commonly found around Aussie.

DSC_5907 (1)

IMG_2006 (1)

These cupcakes also have candy on them that I found at an Asian grocery store. The animators used the candy they found at an Asian grocery store as the inspiration for Sugar Rush, so I did the same for the party.


I made some Sugar Rush carts from Ice Cream cones which the kids actually liked so much, they didn’t really eat any cake.IMG_2172 (1)

This doesn’t look like any of the kids’ carts in the movie, but I based it off of a related story book, “One Sweet Race”. These were quite easy to make. I just opened up some Oreos and then used melted chocolate to attach the cookie wheels to the store bought ice cream cone. The little candy in the center is another candy I got at an Asian grocery store, but you could also use M&Ms. I made these ahead of time and kept them on plates in the freezer so I could just pull them out when the kids were ready to eat them at the party. Here is a picture from to the book to show you what the cart looked like that I was trying to recreate.

IMG_4274 (1)


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Sugar Rush Spectator Stands

All the spectators for the races in the Sugar Rush game are candy people. I used boxes from Costco to make the stands and then drew faces on wrappers and drew the bodies on construction paper and taped them onto the candy. The popcorn people do have faces. I used melted chocolate for this so they could be eaten. I only put them on the popcorn that you could see at the top though! I made sure to include a plate of Oreos because I love the part in the movie when the Oreo guards chant like the witch’s guards in “The Wizard of Oz”. I used classic video games as the inspiration for the other food for the party.

IMG_2393 (1)

Mario Brothers Fruit Fire Flower

IMG_2394 (1)

Pac Man Quiche

I used Ralph’s game, Sugar Rush candy people as seen in the “One Sweet Race” book, and classic video games (Mario Brothers, Pac Man, Q-Bert, Sonic the Hedgehog, Frogger) as the inspiration for my party decorations.









Dress-Up Accessories

The outfit’s of the character’s in this movie are really cute! I made hats and Wreck-It-Ralph’s cookie medal for the kids to wear when taking pictures.

IMG_2064 IMG_2068 IMG_2069 IMG_2072 IMG_1940IMG_1593

Vanellope’s Candy Hair Clips


Sugar Rush Racer Treat Bags


Here are the supplies I used to make the treat bags. I got the plain bags from PaperMart.com. They sell bags in fairly large quantities, but they are very reasonably priced. They only ship within the US though. I used the size of the bag as a guide to cut out the black felt. I used embroidery floss to make the sprinkles in Vanellope’s hair and sew on the little beads. I used the same little bells, hearts, and stars for Vanellope’s hair as I did for the hair clips pictured above. The little candy in her hair is a green button that I drew stripes on with an indelible marker (texter). Her red licorice hair tie is a piece of red rick rack. I just drew her face on with a black pen. When the bag is shut it looks like Vanellope has a pony tail just like in the movie.


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