Num Noms Crafts

Num Noms Crafts

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The second series of Num Noms is coming out in June! If you haven’t heard of these, they are very cute blind boxed toys that stack on top of each other. The first series was all cupcake tops and ice cream scoops, but the second season has pizza, burgers, sushi, popcorn, candy apples, cotton candy, and freezie pops along with a few more cupcakes and ice cream scoops.


Some Series 1 Num Noms

In series 1 the blind boxes had one Num and one lip gloss Nom per pack. In series 2 there will be some lip glosses and some stampers. There will still be the motor Noms in the multi-pack sets. There are two erasers that will also be hidden in the blind boxes. If there are any characters you really want to get from season 1, take a look at the 4 digit number on the bottom of the lip of the box. The first 2 digits of the code on the box correspond to the last 2 digits (01-46) of the Nums listed on the checklist. The last 2 digits are for the Noms. Only lip glosses are in these so you will see that all of the last 2 numbers in the 4 digit code are 58-65. If you don’t have a checklist, the numbers are listed on the Num Noms website.

In honor of the new series coming out I made some edible Nums and a ketchup Nom.


Edible Num Noms


I used medal bowls from IKEA as the mold for the Nums. I used candy for the details of the Nums. The rabbit ears and bow are made from Starbursts. I microwaved the unwrapped candies for about 7 seconds so they were soft and then I formed ears and a bow from them. The other bows are made from fruit laces (Aussie) which are very similar to licorice strings you can get in America, but these were a little softer. The eyes and noses are made from regular size and mini M&Ms.


Lisa Lemon Num

Lisa is made from lemon sorbet that I allowed to soften at room temperature and then added a little bit of yellow gel coloring before I scooped the sorbet into the silver bowl pictured above. The sorbet is white so I wanted to get the nice yellow color of Lisa. I put the bowl of sorbet in the freezer for a few hours to allow it to harden again. I also put the candy ears and bow in the freezer so I could easily put them into the sorbet. Freezing the ears also allowed them to stand up straight in the sorbet. When I was ready to make my sundae, I put the bowl of sorbet in a larger bowl with some hot water in it to get the sorbet to come out of the bowl. Once I had the sorbet out, I put it back in the freezer for a few minutes. The I added all the candy pieces.


Series 2 Freezie Pop Num

This is a Freezie pop Num, but I made it out of Jello. I was having a hard time trying to figure out how to make the ears, but then I saw that some of these have 2 ice pop sticks for ears so that made things considerably easier. These two sticks are from little ice cream bars. All of the Nums have brown eyes and noses, but that really didn’t show up on my purple Jello, so I chose colors that would stand out to make the face. I used the “jiggler” instructions to make the Jello for this Num, which means that I used 2 packets of gelatin with the amount of water you would use for one pack. After about 6 hours in the refrigerator I put the gelatin bowl into a larger bowl with hot water it in. This time I soaked it for only about 3 seconds. Just see if the Jello moves around in the bowl and then you know it is ready to flip over. I put the Jello back into the refrigerator briefly after taking it out of the mold. The ice cream bar sticks will go into the Jello very easily. I tied the candy lace bows onto the sticks before I inserted them into the Jello. Adding the M&Ms was a little more difficult. I needed to cut a little circles in the Jello where I wanted the eyes and nose to be so the candy would stay in place.



Series 2 Frenchie Fries Num and Ketchup Nom

I used a silicone cupcake holder from IKEA for Frenchie Fries. I just folded the bottom up a little bit to make the container shorter. This also allowed me to stand fries up in the little moat this formed around the edge of the container. It’s difficult to see in the picture, but I used a little syringe to squirt the tomato paste out to look like a bow.


I drew the eyes onto this little plastic shot glass with a permanent marker. I used tomato paste instead of ketchup for this so it would stay up a little more when I put it into the cup. If you use some nice bright red ketchup the eyes should stand out a bit more.



Num Noms Game

You can hide little items under Nums besides just the little Noms. In this game you need a few tiny brightly colored objects. I used little beads, but you could use little toys or little candies like M&Ms. You can print out the game board  NumNomsGame and color it in. IMG_4499

Find an object for each color listed on the cards. You can use fewer colors and/or fewer Nums if you want to make the game easier. Then hide your little objects under the Nums that you have placed on the ovals on the game board. Place the cards face down in a pile. Role a dice to move along the game board. If you land on a space with the word “card” on it, draw the top card. It will tell you what color object you are looking for. Choose a Num and look under it. If you find the color object you are looking for, you can move ahead to the next space with a circle on it. If that colored object is not under the Num you have picked up, move backwards to the closest space behind you with a circle on it. If you land on a space with the word “peek” on it you can lift up any Num and see what is under it. If you land on a “switch” space you can switch the objects under and 2 Nums. You can let everyone see this, or if you want to make the game more difficult you can make everyone, except for the person switching the items, close their eyes for the switch. If you run out of cards, shuffle the deck and put the pile face down again. Whoever gets to the end of the board first is the winner.