Jewelry Inspired by Disney Movies

Jewelry Inspired by Disney Movies

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I was looking around on the Fire Mountain Gems website and I found some things that reminded me of jewelry in Disney movies, so I decided to make some jewelry. All of these are very simple to make, you just need to know what to look for on the website. You could wear any of these if you want to Disney Bound. This is a term for creating an outfit¬† inspired by a character from a Disney movie. It started because adults can’t wear costumes into Disney parks, but some people wanted to. So people wear regular clothes that, for example, match the colors in the outfits for a character they are inspired by. You can see all kinds of examples of this here

Spoiler Alert- If you don’t want to know anything about any upcoming Marvel movies or past ones that you haven’t watched yet don’t look at the following section.


The Marvel movies are all connected and are working towards a big two part movie, The Infinity War, that will have all or most of the Marvel characters from previous movies in it. The plot will involve Thanos trying to get all the infinity stones that would give him the power to do anything in the universe. We have seen some of these appear in Marvel movies. There are six and we have only seen 4 so far, so this necklace is a work in progress, but I found a charm that looks just like the orb from Guardians of the Galaxy so I decided to start this now.


Infinity Stone Charms

Thor is holding the blue Tesseract (Space Stone) which was seen in the first Captain America and the first Avengers movie. In Thor’s second movie we saw a red mist, Aether, that is the Reality Stone. Groot has the orb with the power stone in it from the Guardians of the Galaxy movie. Vision has the yellow mind stone in his head.


Infinity Stones Necklace – Marvel

The orb is really a prayer box. The Aether does not have a hole in it. I had to super glue a bail onto it so it could go on the necklace. The blue and yellow beads are Swarovski crystals.  I attached the Aether and Orb to the chain with jump rings and the two crystals with headpins. These jewelry making supplies are all from Fire Mountain Gems. Fire Mountain Gems is based in the US, but ships internationally. There is a flat rate shipping charge to Australia of $15.


The orb charm even opens so you can put a little purple bead in in it.


Ursula’s Shell Necklace

Watch out Ariel, what she wants from you is your voice!

This one is really easy to make. All you need is a jump ring, the crystal shell, and a black string. To me this shell looks exactly like the one Ursula wears in the movie.


The shell is a crystal.


Assistant Mayor Bellweather’s accessories -Zootopia

Did you notice that AM Bellweather is always wearing a bell necklace? I thought that was really cute so I wanted to make some. She wears several different ones throughout the movie. Sometimes it is just a bell on a chain, and other times the necklace is made with gold colored beads. Also, if you did want an additional reference to her character, you could wear a headband with a white pom pom on it to suggest her hair.


I got this large brass bell at an art fair several years ago, and I think it is perfect for Assistant Mayor Bellweather.


Pirates of the Caribbean Jewelry

I got the ring at Disneyland a while ago. The pirate coin is a replica of the one Elizabeth Swan wears in the first Pirates movie. It is actually a pin. It is from 2008, but I see it is still available in the parks. If you can’t get there, it is also available on the Disney Parks Shopping app. I see that they also have a key chain that already has a ring on it, but I’m not sure how heavy it is. It may be a little too heavy to wear around your neck. I think the black bird charm really looks like the bird Jack Sparrow has tattooed on his arm.


To make the pirate coin necklace I just bent the pin on the back over to form a loop. Then I could just string it onto a chain.


For more Disney craft ideas, take a look at my Pinterest board.