Moana Necklace

Moana Necklace

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Moana is the next Disney movie and it will be out in November 2016 in the US and Boxing Day in Aussie and NZ. I am really excited about this movie! Some images from the film have started to come out and I noticed Moana has a nice necklace. It looks like her Grandma also wears it. I decided to make it.



First I crocheted a chain with brown cotton doily thread.


I looped this through the hole on a dyed magnesite stone.


Then I took Tigertail wire and strung it through some freshwater pearls and the crocheted chain. Pearls usually have very small holes so you need to string them on something thin. I used wire because the stone pendant has some weight to it and thread will usually break at some point if you string anything heavy on it.


Then I crocheted into the chain and around the wire. Part of the necklace has a thinker part to it so I made loops with chain stitches in these areas.


Finally, I sewed a shell on. I used an acrylic one, but you could also use a real one.


These beads are attached to the top of Moana’s sail on her boat. I thought they looked cool so I made them. You could wear them around your neck or use them as some sort of decoration for a party. I strung the beads on the brown crochet cord I used for the necklace. I used a couple of the same acrylic shells from above, some brown acrylic leaves, and some plastic white beads with an opal like finish on them to make these.

I’ll have another post eventually once I’ve seen the movie with more party ideas. For more Moana party ideas take a look at my Pinterest board.