Tree Costume

Tree Costume

It’s book week in Australia! Halloween isn’t really celebrated widely in schools the way it is in America, but kids do still get to dress up in costumes once a year. They all dress like book characters on day this week. Here is the costume I made this year from a book called “The Happiness Tree.”




You can just have your child wear brown or grey and then just make a tree hat. We had some pants from Gap that had plants on the bottom, so I thought those worked well for this.



There are several trees in this book, but this costume is based on the tree of hope.

I crocheted a basic hat. I also joined back up at the top of the hat and made a long chain and then made one row of single crochet to get back to the top of the hat. I made a few of these and sewed felt leaves on it and the base of the hat in the front. I made sure all of the “branches” were towards the back of the hat so they wouldn’t hang down in front of the wearer’s face.  I just cut these leaves out free hand from the felt. I folded the felt over and cut both edges together so  the leaves would be symmetrical.



You can see there is a little bird house in the tree so I cut that out of felt as well and sewed it onto the hat.


   Happy Book Week everyone!