Harry Potter Halloween

Harry Potter Halloween

Halloween is coming up soon! I love Halloween so I am going to do quite a few posts with Halloween themes. I had a party one year based on the scene from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. That movie is the only one that shows the students celebrating Halloween. I loved the food that was all over the table at the end of the meal.


There were chocolate frogs, and cones with sprinkles (100s of 1000s) on them. I just used ice cream cones and covered them in melted chocolate and then added the sprinkles. In Australia they sell these in large quantities because people use them for fairy bread for birthday parties. The golden snitches are just Rocher chocolates with the bottom wrapper taken off. I found frog shaped chocolate molds on Amazon, but in Australia they sell chocolate frogs all year round at Haighs. You can get all kinds of cool lollipops at Oriental Trading Company and at Candy Warehouse.

In the past I have dressed up like Luna and Tonks. Tonks is mostly recognizable by her purple hair and dark clothes. In one of the movies she wears a bell necklace. I got these bells from Fire Mountain Gems a few years ago.

Tonk’s Necklace


Luna is in Ravenclaw, so make sure you wear a blue a silver tie if you dress like her. Luna has some specific jewelry that is mentioned in the books. The first is very simple to make. You just need to save a wine cork and screw an eye pin into it and attach it to a blue ribbon. The next jewelry associated with Luna are her radish earrings. In the movie they look beaded. I made these by sewing felt to make the radish shape and then I sewed beads around the outside. I sewed a split ring on the top and hung them on earring hooks from Fire Mountain Gems.

Luna’s Jewelry



Harry Potter Charm Bracelet


*If you haven’t read all the books yet, don’t read the rest of this section because there are spoilers below. *

Instead of putting these charms on a chain link bracelet I used beads to represent all the house colors. I made this bracelet before I knew what all the horcruxes were so the charms represent the four houses (snake, lion, badger, raven)  and other things from the movies.

Sorting Hat

Hedwig the owl

Sorcerer’s stone – red crystal

Chamber of Secrets- snake (but I probably should have used a book for this)

Prisoner of Azkaban -Gryffon

Glass-Goblet of Fire

Order of the Pheonix -Dumbeldore

Half Blood Prince – Cauldron

I got all of these charms online from Blue Mud and I got the beads from Fire Mountain Gems.

I think a bracelet based o the horcruxes would also work well. In case you forgot what those are:

Tom Riddle’s journal

Father’s resurrection stone ring- black crystal

Slytherin locket


Hufflepuff cup

Ravenclaw tiara

Harry Potter – you could use a lightening bolt for this because the scar was made when the horcrux formed


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