Num Noms Series 2 Special Edition

Num Noms Series 2 Special Edition

I just found some new season 2 Num Noms at the store!


New Num Noms


Take a look at the two special ones.

I noticed that they changed the numbers on the package a bit. It’s still pretty similar to the way you figure out what is in the other series 2. The numbers are on the bottom of the carton now and the new Nums are in those with numbers that start with a 2.


New serial number location. Also note that the Num is indicated by digits 4 and 7 and the Nom by digits 5 and 8. You’ll only get a special edition Num if it has a 2 at the beginning of the number though.


Here are the Num Noms and their packages. You can see that the PBNJ Num serial number starts with a 1. That one has the same 2 digit code as the special Num, so I wanted to see if it was it, but it isn’t Mrs. Icing.


The only weird thing was that the lemon stamper had the wrong number on it. That happened in both packs with the lemon stamper. It had the number 83 which should have been the birthday stamp instead of 82. I only got these two, so I’m not sure how the rest of the stampers are numbered.


Here are some old and new lip glosses. The new flavors are in the front.


I thought the pink and off white ones might be the same as the older versions, but they are slightly different colors and they do smell a lot different.


Some of the  new special edition Nums.


My version of Flap Jackie

I just mixed powdered sugar with a little milk for her icing. Don’t make it too watery or it will go all over the place. The eyes are M&Ms and the bow is a Starburst candy that I molded into a bow shape.