Num Noms Series 3

Num Noms Series 3

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Num Noms series 3 is out in Australia right now! I’m not sure why it is here and not in the US, but the light up versions of Num Noms are in both places. The light up ones are cool, but they are quite expensive in Aussie.


There are snow cones, more freezie pops, and glitter candy versions. The ones I got are nice bright colors. I could not figure out the codes on the ones I bought, but these categories all seem pretty similar to me, much like the first series of the regular Num Noms.  I think these are all transparent, but the Noms also light up the opaque Nums nicely from the other series.


I really like these, but the batteries are not replaceable. Here you can see the demonstration for how to open up the battery case so you can throw away the batteries after they are out of power.




Here they are lit up. The little Noms flash different colors.


Here is the checklist for Series 3. The light up Num Noms are on the reverse side of this. There are new categories this time around- donuts, fruit, veggies, marshmallows, hard candy, and fiesta  foods. The packs are labeled 3.1 so there must be another wave coming out.


The good news is the codes are read the same way as series 2, so you will be able to figure out what is in the packs if you want. These all have lip glosses in them and all of them are 2 toned with transparent shells.


The other really cool thing about these lip glosses is that they are also pencil toppers. You can put any of your nums on top of them also. There are some stamp-it noms and some erase-it noms, but no motor noms this time around. In this first wave the 4 packs have either an erase-it nom or a stamp-it nom.

Most of the Nums are the same basic shape as all the previous ones, but a few from this series (the banana and maybe all the citrus fruits) open across the top. They aren’t that easy to get the Noms in and out of them, but they are really interesting.




The only dinner food are the fiesta ones. I think only the taco and burrito are in this wave. Here is my edible version of Tasty Taco.   The eyes are little pieces of black olives. The hat is the top of an It’s a Small World bath toy.

I also made some series 2 Num Noms. I made two of the freezie pop Nums. I made Lemony Pop with lemon Jello (Jelly), but I doubled the amount of mix so that the Jello would be thicker. I made this in a metal bowl and soaked the bowl in some warm water for a few seconds so I could get it out. Remember to press down on the edges slightly and it will just slip out of the bowl. The green hair bows are made from Starburst candies.



Here is Mellie Pop which I just made out of Watermelon. This one was really easy to make. You can see that I used a whole watermelon and then scooped the Num out with a metal bowl. The hair bow is a green gummy candy that I cut into a bow shape.