More Gravity Falls crafts

More Gravity Falls crafts

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Disney has published a replica of Journal 3 recently. This book is central to the plot of Gravity Falls and a nice summary of the show. It has been selling really well and after a lot of fans asked for it, Disney decided to make a special edition of the journal with writing that appears when you shine UV light on it. Alex Hirsch (creator of Gravity Falls) is running a contest on Twitter right now. He wants people to take photos or videos with Journal 3 and he will pick his favorite 3 pictures to receive a copy of the special edition of Journal 3. He is running the contest until December 12 so if you want to put an entry in, you still have a few days. Just tag it with #journalprize. I was inspired by that contest to make a few more Gravity Falls crafts. A lot of people have been taking crazy pictures with the journal. I have a couple of the pictures based on the information inside the journal.


Here are tiny Mabel and Dipper holding a crystal looking at the page about height altering crystals.



Here is the page about the Lilli-putt-ians. As they say in the show, it makes more sense written out. They are little creatures with golf ball heads that control where the balls go on mini golf courses. The little blue one is Franz and the one dressed as a flower shows up in a song from the end credits. The instructions for the bodies of them are listed below. They have all kinds of themes so you can add hats or hair to them to make them pirates, miners, French, etc. I think the flower one is probably the easiest to make because you just have to add the flower petal head band. I used Comfy Worsted Yarn for this project.

General Directions:

I used a size E hook and worsted weight yarn so their heads are approximately the same size as a golf ball.

Head: ch 4 and sl st to form loop

rnd 1: Work into loop. 8sc

rnd 2: v (16sc)

rnd 3:xv (24sc)

rnd 4:xxv (32sc)

rnd 5-8: x  (32sc)

rnd 9:^xx (24sc)

rnd 10:x (24sc)

rnd 11:^x (16sc)

rnd 12:^ (8sc)

Body:ch 4 and sl st to form loop

rnd 1: Work into loop. 5sc

rnd 2: vxvxv (8sc)

rnd 3-7: x  (8sc)

Arms and Legs: (Make 4 total) ch 4 and sl st to form loop

rnd 1: Work into loop. 5sc

rnd 2-5: x (5sc)



Mabel loves to bedazzle things, she even bedazzles her face in one episode. Here is my bedazzled Journal 3.  If you throw a Gravity Falls party, I would definitely recommend bedazzling something like a blank book or box for a party activity. I used beads for this like these stars and red acrylic gems.



There are a lot of messages written in codes in this show. Another fun party activity would be to have the guests write messages in codes. You could put the invitation in code as well, but you may want to send the deciphered details to the kids parents so they know for sure where and when the party is. You can make the cipher with this pattern.cipherwheel The code I used for the wheel in the picture is in Journal 3. You can use any code you want though because I’ve left it blank. The inside wheel spins so you can change what the symbols mean. I used a button for the eye of Bill and then taped the string from the button onto the back of the cipher wheel. I’ve tried to use a brad with cipher wheels, but I thought the wheel didn’t spin well with it so I used the button instead.



In one episode Mabel gets a pug sundae. Here is my version of that. I got the ice cream into the correct shape by letting it soften a little and then putting it into bowls that had the shape I was looking for. For the puppy head I used a silicon baking cup from IKEA, and the bottom was just a small bowl. I put these back in the freezer overnight so they were solid again and then I popped them out to used for the Sundae.  The tongue is a Starburst candy that I made into that shape after microwaving it for 5 seconds. The nose is a chocolate cover licorice, but you could also use a peanut or almond M&M. The eyes are plain  M&Ms. To make the ears I just melted some chocolate a put it on wax paper in the shape of the ears. I quickly put that in the refrigerator to let it harden.


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