Num Noms Series 3

Num Noms Series 3

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Num Noms series 3 is definitely my favorite season so far! I guess the light up ones are technically a new series, but those are really cute too. One thing I really like about this season is that the stampers and erasers are in the multi pack versions. This is nice if you are buying them for kids who don’t like the lip glosses. The other things I like are that the lip glosses are pencil toppers and the packaging has really stepped up for this series. Here are the two multi-packs.


The cool thing about this packaging is that if you just cut the tape only on the tab, you can use the package to store your Num Noms. I am so happy that toy companies are starting to think about how the packaging can be reused instead of just tossing it out. Another great example is the Moana doll from the Disney store. You can use her box to make a boat for the doll to use. The next best thing is when the packaging can be recycled like the paper cartons that the light up Num Noms are packaged in. I really want to encourage toy companies who do things like this.


Here is a close up of the tab. You can see it can re-close nicely. And look at that cute spoon handle!



This is about 50 Num Noms packed into one container. I packed these in here a bit like a jig saw puzzle, but you can see that you can fit a lot in here. You can find these cute packs on Amazon.

Series 3 has so many cute fruit and vegetable Nums. Here you can see some of them with fruit.



Put the lime in the coconut, then you’ll feel better!


If you like Pina Coladas……


Pineapple Num

I cut a pineapple in half and used M&Ms for eyes to make this Num.


There are also Fiesta Food in this series. We got Cheesy Burrito as the mystery Num in the multi-pack and here is my attempt at making her. You can also get Cheesy Burrito in the blind boxes.



Here is Softy Mallow.  I used a big Costco sized marshmallow for this one. I just cut the bottom off of this and then used part of that to form the ears. I’m still trying to work out the best way to make the faces on my Num Nom creations. This time I used a chocolate covered licorice as a tool to dot melted chocolate on the marshmallow. Before I’ve always used dark brown M&Ms, but I had trouble keeping them in place.


Here is Sugary Glaze. She is one of the Donut Nums. I used the same technique as Softy Mallow to dot her eyes on. Her ears are a little big compared to the toy, but she kind of reminds me of the Sanrio character My Melody like this so I just left it as it was.

S'mores plush Num Nom

I finally bought a plush Num! I think these are really cute, but they are fairly hard for me to find. Hopefully they make more of these. I think they are really cute and I like that the container they come in can be used for a coin bank or for little Num Nom storage. I think it would be cool if they made the container into an actual drink container with a hole at the top for a straw.


For more Num Noms pictures, take a look at my Pinterest board.