Passover Activities

Passover Activities


It’s Passover! If you want some ideas for what to do this week, I’ve got some for you. There are lots of cool Jewish holiday toys that you can find on Amazon. This is the Passover set from KidKraft. Everything is wooden or cloth except for the grape juice bottle which is plastic. The food from the Seder plate can be removed and they are all labeled in English and Hebrew.  You can also make your own “Bag of Plagues”. These are sold on Amazon as well, but you can put your own together.


I made the little picture with the pyramids out of felt to represent darkness. The clear beads represent hail. The big bugs represent locusts. The little black ones represent biting insects. The lions represent wild animals. The fish represents the dead fish when the water turned to blood. The little farm animals are for the diseased livestock and there are also frogs. The little people with red spots represent boils. The baby represents the death of the first born.


I added the “boils” to these guys with a red Sharpie marker.


You can also make plague pizza with matzoh. I have green peppers to represent locusts, cauliflower to represent sheep (livestock), black olives for darkness, cheese for  biting insects, and tomato sauce for water into blood. I have ice spheres to put in your drinks to represent hail, pomegranate seeds to represent boils, chocolate frogs, and gummy babies to represent the first born sons.   There are little plastic wild animals on the table as well. I wasn’t sure how to represent them in food form!


Just put whatever “plagues” you want on the matzoh and heat it in the oven for a few minutes.

Happy Passover everyone!