Zootopia Blanket

Zootopia Blanket

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I have been working on this blanket for a while now! I decided to make this in Feb of 2016, and finally, it’s done! For this blanket I decided to take pictures of the steps along the way so you could get an idea of how I put one of these together. For general instructions on how to make shapes and a bunch of examples of other blankets I have made, you can look at this post. There are 4 different pieces of this blanket that I crocheted together. They represent different parts of Zootopia. Zootopia has many different areas with different habitats.  I tried to pick the areas where major plot points took place, but there are lots of amazing districts that would be great for a project like this. The blanket doubles as a kind of play mat. I used Brava Worsted yarn to make this blanket. This yarn is acrylic so it is very easy to wash, but it is very soft and great for projects for babies and kids.

Bunny Burrows- The Hopps Family Farm Produce Booth


When I got to the first row of the hill, I only crocheted into one of the two loops of the dc stitches so I could crochet the sky on.


I crocheted the sky next. I only went into one loop on the other side of the hill so I could crochet another hill on the other side.


Here is what it looks like from the back.


After I made the hills and sky I sewed them together.


This is the field with vegetables and flowers. I made the brown soil and then I stitched the plant details on.


Here are the pieces of the produce booth. The bunny head is a different piece that I sewed on after I made the booth. I also sewed on little pieces that look like the fruits and vegetables they are selling.


Here is what this section looks like finished.


I didn’t sew down the top and bottom of this part of the booth so Judy can fit in here to sell vegetables.

Rainforest District -Mr. Manchas’s House


I crocheted this one in a few blocks, and joined the groups together as I crocheted the next sections. Mr. Manchas lives in a tree, and I am making his house. I crocheted the top green section in only one loop in the bottom row so I could add some tree leaves.


Here you can see I’ve added the leaves, a long tree branch and some roots for the tree.


Then I made some vines and a door and window for the house.


Here is the finished section. I also added plants on the side. I made each little piece individually and sewed them on.

Little Rodentia- The Big Donut Shop


I used green, grey, black and white stripes to make the bottom of this section look like a road. The first thing I added was the donut shop. I started with the white part and added the pick and brown rows to it. I sewed the pink detail on the window.


I made a circle for this donut, but I made a very large loop and crocheted into the stitches for the first round. Then I continued on as you would for a normal circle. I stitched the sprinkles and the words “The Big Donut” onto it before I sewed it onto the work.


Here is the base for the first shop. You can see I left space around the top part of this so I could crochet white around the edge.


Here are parts of the second shop. I would recommend using hdc or sc stitches for at least the tops of these because those stitches make a nice grid pattern to sew details on.  You can see the windows on these buildings are stitched on. I find that it is difficult to sew details onto a piece made with dc stitches, but it is no problem if you are sewing on other crocheted pieces like the door on the grey, blue, and orange shop.


Here is the finished Little Rodentia section.

Tundra Town-With Frozen Easter Egg

In case you aren’t familiar with the term “Easter Egg” in movies, it is not something the Easter Bunny brings. It is a hidden reference to other films or TV shows, and Disney and Pixar animators love to put these in! They have been hiding Easter Eggs in movies since 101 Dalmatians (1961). Actually, I think The Big Donut shown above is an Easter egg that references the TV show Steven Universe. In this case the Frozen Easter egg is the large snowflake statue. It looks exactly like Elsa’s snowflakes.


I crocheted a hill so I could put my building in the background. The buildings in Tundra town are very big, so I would only be able to get the bottom of the buildings in if I made them the correct scale. I just decided to do this so you could see the onion towers on the building.


Here is the snowflake and it’s stand. I sewed it on with white thread to make it a little more interesting on the blanket.


This is one of the buildings in Tundra Town. In the movie it looks like a blue and white version of St. Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow.


Here is the building on a hill in the background and the snowflake statue in the foreground.

Judy Hopps


I used Comfy Worsted Yarn to make Judy. The pattern for Judy is from the book, Mr. Funky’s Super Crochet Wonderful, I just switched colors  to make it look like Judy’s police uniform.


Here is the finished blanket! I crocheted the 4 sections together and then crocheted a boarder around the whole thing so the edges were even.

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