Kawaii Box – June 2017

Kawaii Box – June 2017

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June 2017 Kawaii Box

The June Kawaii Box is here! From the spoilers, I knew that there was going to be something from Sanrio in the box and one of the options was Little Twin Stars. I’m so happy that I got the Kiki and Lala bag! They are my favorite Sanrio characters.

Little Twin Stars bag

This bag has two different sides. Here is the front, and the back is pictured below.

Little Twin Stars bag

My little Kawaii Box enthusiast was really hoping for a squishy for the last few boxes. This box had two! So I had a very happy camper on my hands. One is a slice of cake, and one is a little face.

Cake squishy

Face squishy

I asked what the writing on this little guy meant, and my friend said it was like saying “ahhh,” when you are relaxing in the bath after a hard day.

The plush in this month’s box is a cute little hamster! The little string on this little guy is elastic and her fur is kind of shiny in artificial light.

Hamster plush

The writing implement in this month’s box was a mechanical pencil. I love the cute little donut charm on it!

Donut mechanical pencil

The stickers for this month’s box are little cats and dogs and they even have a little bit of glitter in them!

Cat and Dog Stickers

These are really nice for kids to use in their drawings, especially if they are just starting to draw.


The hair accessories in this month’s box are these adorable little watermelon hair clips. These have nice alligator clips that should work for lots of different hair types.

Watermelon hair clips

This month’s snack is tiny, pink strawberry cookies! These are delicious, and they have little pieces of strawberries in them.

Strawberry Cookies

I used some of them to make little bite sized ice cream sandwiches with cookies and cream ice cream.

Tiny Ice Cream Sandwiches

This box had a little fan to keep you cool if it’s hot where you are. I love that it has a little cupcake on top! You just squeeze the little trigger and the blades spin around.

Handheld Cupcake Fan

The last item is this cat coin purse. It’s been a while since a little pouch like this was included in a box. This one is really well made and I like that it’s a nice size. You can see that it can fit credit cards in it.

Cat coin purse

I’m trying to decide what my favorite item from this box was. It’s a toss up between the two little bags. I also love the pencil! I do really like it when the box contains a craft kit or some craft supplies, but all of the things in this box were great so I don’t mind.

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