WALL-E Party

WALL-E Party


WALL-E is one of my favorite Pixar movies. It is a bit sad in the beginning when you see what Earth has become, but I really like the hopeful ending. WALL-E is such a sweet character and it is amazing how the animators conveyed so much emotion without dialog. If you want to throw a WALL-E party, I would recommend an eco-friendly party. You can use re-usable cups, plates, and silverware. The party favors could be reusable straws/silverware in recycled bags that can be used again for produce.


I made this bag by cutting the label off of a bag of oranges. Then I crocheted around the top edge of the bag.

Party favors for WALL-E party



This is what the finished bag looks like. Crochet 2 rounds on the top and chain stitch on both sides to make the bag handle.

At one point in the movie, EVE finds a plant. She goes into sleep mode and has a little plant symbol light up on her. That is what I based these EVE eggs on.

EVE Eggs with WALL-E

These are hard boiled eggs cut in half with a little celery leaf for the plant and a piece of black olive for her face. You could also draw EVE’s face on a white egg shell.

WALL-E Pudding Cups

I made these pudding cups to represent the plant that EVE found. The bottom is chocolate pudding. They have crushed OREO “dirt” on top with a gummy candy in them. The gummy candy is the top of a little pineapple gummy.

Plant Pudding Cups

For more Pixar party ideas take a look at my Pinterest board.