Pokemon Party

Pokemon Party

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Pokemon Party Ideas

This is my second post from this joint party. I’ve already written about the DC Superhero Girls elements of this party. You can also find the explanation of the game we played that was based on superheros and Pokemon on that post.


I didn’t actually have the kids make these at the party because we were outside and I couldn’t bring a glue gun out there, but this could be a good project for a smaller group of kids.

Pokeball Paper plate craft

To make this you cut the edge off of half of one paper plate and then cut the remainder of the edge into little strips that you will fold over. Take another plate and cut the whole edge off and cut the plate in half. Glue one half of the plate to the bottom of the first plate with a glue gun. I think you need to use a glue gun to keep this glued down properly, especially for the plates I used. They had a shiny side to them that I thought wouldn’t stay well with just regular school glue. Use a split pin (brad) to attach the other half plate. This will make a little container that you can store cards or small toys in. Before you assemble the project have the kids decorate it like their favorite poke ball.

Sylveon Ears

I’ve noticed some Pokemon headbands in stores right now, but I made this pair of ears from bunny ears that I got around Easter. These are based on Sylveon, which is one of the Eevee evolutions. I added felt to the outside of the ears and crocheted the bow to attach to the ears.


Pokeball bath fizzes

I used these bath fizzes in the game we played. I put little Pokemon figures in them and had the kids put them in water to get the little figure out. I couldn’t find citric acid at the store when I made these so I had to use a substitute. The recipe is below.

Bath Fizz Recipe

1 cup citric acid ( you can replace this with 1/2 cup of cream of tartar)

2 cups baking soda

1 tablespoon of coconut oil

8 drops of food coloring

a tiny bit of water

1 tiny toy for each bath fizz

This is enough to make 3 Poke balls with the mold below and one egg using a plastic Easter egg as a mold. Mix everything together except the food coloring. Then split the mixture in half and add the food coloring to half of it. Then add the red mixture to one half of the balls and white to the other half. Insert the toy in and then put the two halves of the mold together.


I used this container from Pokemon danglers made by TOMY. I got the ones I used from Toys R Us.


I pinned the top and bottom half of the mold together with clothes pins. Let it sit for around a day so that it dries out. Then you can take them out of their molds.

For one of the party games the kids threw ping pong balls into plastic cups and tried to get them in the cups that had Pokemon characters on them. You can use the stickers from the link below for that.

Party Favors

Pokeball party favors

I made Pokeballs for the party favors and filled them with some little Pokemon toys, stickers, and candy. To make these, you just need two bowls, some black tape and some small white and larger black sticker dots.




Pokeball veggie tray party food

This veggie tray is meant to look like a Poke ball. I used some of the black tape from above to make the lines on the ball. I tried to use it for the center, but it wasn’t sitting nicely around the circle, so I just used black olives.

Pokeball cake

I had kid help for this cake, which was actually really great that they could be a part of the party prep. It also freed me up to get more stuff ready for the party.  I still have trouble getting the prep timing right, so I am always rushing around right before the party starts!

Pokeball bagels

These are just bagels cut in half with cream cheese and raspberry jam.

Pokeball Jell-o

To make the white part of this Jell-o I used a type of clear gelatin that you can make with any type of sweet drink. I used pear juice to make the bottom. The top is just red jell-o. The black tape and black and white dots are back in use again to make the jars. The tape peeled off really nicely, which is good because I try to reuse these jars as much as possible.

Pokeball fruit and yoghurt cups

I used the same jars to make fruit and yogurt cups. I used sweetened vanilla yogurt and cut strawberries for these.

For more Pokemon Party ideas take a look at my Pinterest board.