Forces and Heat Game

Forces and Heat Game

This is the game we played at the end of our units on forces and heat. You can find all the lessons for this by following the STEAM tab at the top of the page. I used pictures in these questions to help the kids remember what we learned about this year. We had the kids go into teams of three or four kids and write down their answers on scrap paper. Then, we marked them at the end of class and I went over the answers. Some of these things we learned over 15 weeks ago, so I wanted to make sure I went over the answers with them. I have some examples of slides with pictures in the question list below. There are links to the lesson that covered these topics in the questions.



 Screen Shot 2017-09-20 at 9.20.41 PM


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Draw the force arrows for gravity (the picture is the earth)

Which one pulls and which one pushes? (the picture is two sets of magnets facing each other, one set has the two south poles facing each other,  the other has the north and south poles facing each other)

Label the Parts of the Atom (electron, proton, neutron)

Which ones are not Elements?





Which surface will create the most friction, and which will create the least friction? (the surfaces are: grass, low pile carpet, a smooth floor)

Which of these don’t you need for a fire?

  • Heat
  • Carbon Dioxide
  • Fuel
  • Oxygen


Which one is a Foam? (pictures are of a balloon, a marble, and  a sponge)

Where were all the elements made?

  • In Stars
  • On Moons
  • On Planets


What is not a type of wave?


What happens if you heat water to 100 degrees Celsius?

  • It Freezes
  • It turns into a gas
  • Nothing


Which rock is: (pictures of the an example of each type of rock labeled a, b, and c)

  • Sedimentary
  • Igneous
  • Metamorphic


Which animals are cooling down, and which ones are warming up?

I had 6 pictures of animals a)huddling together, b)sunning on a rock, c)panting, d) spreading out wings, e)fluffing out feathers, f)cooling down with water

Chloroplasts make food from sunlight. What color are they?

Draw the part of the cell that contains the DNA (the instruction book).

I had a cartoon picture of a plant cell and an animal cell.




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