Stranger Things Food

Stranger Things Food

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In Stranger Things, Eggo waffles make a cameo in season 1 and 2. In Australia, you can’t get Eggo waffles, but I cut circles in the Nana’s waffles that are sold in Australia.



The first snack is based on the monster in season 1’s “face” that looks like a flower that opens with teeth. I made it with strawberries, blueberries, and chocolate sprinkles with teeth.



These are what Nana’s waffles look like. I just used a circle cookie cutter to make them look like circle Eggo waffles.


The other snack is the Eggo stack from season 2. I don’t want to put this in context at all because not everyone has binge watched the series! I used the same waffles and in between them is vanilla ice cream. I put the ice cream in a frosting piping bag, and let it soften up a little bit before I piped it out in between the waffles. The one in the show had Hershey kisses and jelly beans. Although, in the show it is Halloween, not Easter. I am trying to think back to when I was a kid and I don’t think jelly beans were always around, at least not non-Jelly Belly beans. So instead I used Runts instead. They were first sold in 1982 and this season takes place in 1984, so those would have been new and cool at the time.



Someone noticed that Hopper wears a blue hair band from his daughter around his wrist all through season 1. In season 2 a braided band of the same color is on Eleven’s wrist at the Snow Ball.

Stranger Things hair band

I made these with fold over elastic.

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