November 2017 Kawaii Box

November 2017 Kawaii Box

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I got a shipping notice for the December Kawaii Box, so I thought I better get this post together. Sorry I’m so late! This month’s box had 8 items instead of the usual 10, but one Item was really big.

IMG_0176 (1)

The big item this month was this Techi Techi Gomarachi plush seal. It is so soft! I think other people got blue, yellow, or pink ones based on their Instagram posts. I am going to use this as a Christmas present.

IMG_0177 (1)

The other fairly large item (8 in x 8 1/2 in) was this pink Kanahei bag. It is also a soft fabric like plush toys are made of. It is so cute! I like that she is making pancakes. This is one of my favorite items from all of the Kawaii boxes I have gotten so far!


I really love these Gudetama stickers. I’m not sure what I will do with them, but they are awesome!

This month’s box had a pen again. Look at the cap, it’s a little boot! I have a weakness for little notebooks, so I love that too! Each page is lined and it has a spot for a date.


This box had more cute hair clips. I like this style because it will stay in fine hair well, so they will work great for little kids.


This month’s snack was a little sack of Kasugai Chibi Vege Ramune candy. They are sweet tart style powdery candies.


Somehow I missed all the other boxes that had jewel stickers in them, but finally they were in a box that I got! I made two November crafts with these.


The first craft was for Day of the Dead. Pixar is releasing Coco across the world right now so I made a sugar skull from a paper plate. I just cut it out of a plate and decorated it with the jewel stickers and markers.


I’ve been working on some crafts for kids to make for Christmas. One of the crafts was this card that I made from the jewel stickers. The stickers are meant to look like ornaments hanging on strings. The candy cane is made with a pipe cleaner and pony beads. The little trees are made from cardboard wrapped with yarn. I used clear nail polish as glue to put the pom poms and sequins on the trees.


You can get your own Kawaii Box here!