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I have been making some poppies for the 5,000 Poppies Project. These poppies will be part of art installations for Remembrance Day in Australia and other countries. You can be a part of it too! I think this year they are putting stems on these and “planting” them on the ground. Take a look at the pictures of installations from past years on Instagram and Facebook. IMG_0370

These flowers need to be red, although they are asking for a few purple ones for a project in France. You can knit or crochet the flowers and use any type of fiber. The flowers will be outside for a few weeks so I would think acrylic yarn would hold up the best. There are links to some patterns on their Facebook page, but I have some other ones for the poppies I made.



ch4, sl st in first ch st to form loop.

rnd 1: 12 hdc into loop

rnd 2: *ch 6, skip one hdc and sl st into next one. Repeat from * 5 times.

rnd 3: repeat rnd 2, but sl st into open dc stitches.


ch4, sl st in first ch st to form loop.

rnd 1: *ch 4, 4 trch sl st into loop. Repeat from * 5 times


ch4, sl st in first ch st to form loop.

rnd 1: ch 7 sl st into loop. Repeat from * 5 times.

rnd 2: ch 9 sl st into loop in space between the ch 7 loop from the previous rnd. Repeat from * 5 times. The loops will be offset between the two rnds.


I used Red Heart brand acrylic yarn for the flowers I made. It is quite stiff before it is washed, so I think they should stand up to the elements nicely. I had used some of this yarn out of the skein, but I got 64 made from the skein I had.