Jumanji Snack

Jumanji Snack

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There’s a new Jumanji movie out- Jumanji Welcome to the Jungle. It is definitely tied to the original movie, but it takes the idea in a different direction which I think is really fun. This movie is a bit more of a satire on video games, and less about running from wild animals so don’t go in expecting it to be exactly the same as the original movie.

The goal of this Jumanji game is to find and return a green jewel to a monument in the center of the game. I made that Jewel out of green glitter Jell-o just to make it a little sparkly. Only use half of the recommended amount of water (or make it like the instructions suggest, but add 2 packets of gelatin instead of one) so it will be easier to work with. I used a metal bowl and dipped it in hot water so it came out of the bowl nicely, then cut it into a jewel shape after removing it from the bowl.


One of the character’s weaknesses is cake. I won’t tell you what happens when he eats it, but he definitely should avoid it! In the movie he learns this when he eats pound cake. I used Martha Stewart’s recipe for this, but you can also get a nice pound cake from Costco. The character named Seaplane has skills that include making margaritas. If you are having a party for kids you can make this version which is just sparkling juice with sugar around the rim.


There are lots of ideas related to Jumanji on Pinterest that would also work for a general jungle party. For example these parchment leaves that are food safe. You can use them as decorations or plates to put food on. You can see that I have three bars on my arm. I put these on with eye shadow. In the movie the bars represent the characters lives in the game. When they die in the game, they lose a bar.

Which version of Jumanji did you enjoy more?